Kelli Walters Wilhelmina Philadelphia

Kelli Walters – Shining For A Good Cause

Kelli Walters – Congratulations are in order for the team as this month saw us complete yet another highly successful Wilhelmina Philadelphia charity fashion event. The red carpet was deployed and the sold-out crowd treated to gowns and aesthetics every bit as beautiful as our up-and-coming runway models.

These charitable events are an integral part of developing the prodigious talent here Wilhelmina Philadelphia. We always provide our models to charity events free of charge, not only to contribute to great causes but to provide our team with plenty of runway experience every year. Last week we were delighted to be working with the 2014 Canines On The Catwalk show, it was a beautifully orchestrated event and we raised plenty of funds for Animal Lifeline, an animal charity that does great work.

The old adage of never working with children or animals was firmly thrust aside and thankfully the furry four-legged friends accompanying our models down the catwalk were impeccably behaved. We knew they wouldn’t let us down! Whilst the runway event was a feast of the senses it must be said it was merely the cherry atop an already fantastic evening. The red carpet treatment made everyone feel very special, the perfect start to any night. Swiftly following this up with an hour of sumptuous cocktails wasn’t a bad move either, faces were glowing as our models hit the limelight.

To see the level of professionalism on show, not to mention the delight of the crowd, is still something that leaves us all with a great sense of pride. The fact that our models were going to be walking alongside the dogs did add a little more nerves than usual but everything went off without a hitch. Jubilant, we were able to enjoy an especially fine meal once our work was done. The presentation given by the Animal Lifeline at the end of the event really reminded us all why we co-operate so closely with good causes, we salute the fine work they undertake in easing the suffering of animals. The fashion industry hasn’t had the best animal rights image and it’s great to see everyone working to change this.

Whilst contributing to the continued works of Animal Lifeline was paramount it was great to see our runway models being able to network and be seen. With agents, producers and actors milling around the delighted crowd it was a marvelous opportunity for them to be stars of the show. Their conduct was refined and professional, exactly what we like to see. No doubt we’ll have many more charity events coming up this year and I for one, cannot wait to see us shine again.


Kelli Walters

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